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Welcome to the Malama Collective!

The Malama Collective serving Orange County, CA

Weaving a community of care, together.

Welcome to the Malama Collective!

The Malama Collective is a group of psychotherapists, guided by the core value of care.

The Pandemic has laid bare the numerous structural inequities that thwart community health in our culture. We are living through a time of unprecedented demand for psychotherapy against the backdrop of plague, civil unrest, racial reckoning, social division, and climate crisis. As the social fabric of our community is fraying; we can each play a part in its creative reweaving.

Current and Upcoming Offerings

The Malama Collective began with four psychotherapists, engaging the question of what it is to practice psychodynamically informed psychotherapy in such a time as this. The Malama Collective, is a collaboration of living into this question in four ways:

Engage in Community Building

Together, we are building a community of mental health providers, teachers, and community volunteers, interested in cultivating community.

Teach the Next Generation of Therapists

As therapists, committed to our own inner work, we are weaving the richness of  psychodynamic thought, with an intersectional lens. We offer quality training and supervision to associates interested in the value of a deep theoretical understanding of the psyche as well as a commitment to social justice and intersectionality.

Offer Quality, Affordable Psychotherapy

We seek to serve a wide range of clients, including those facing the greatest barriers to care by offering a  sliding scale, with some limited scholarship spots for those who qualify.

Engage Social Psychoanalysis

We are engaged in the questions of Social Psychoanalysis and its import for postmodern practice. Each month, we read and discuss contemporary research and theory in Social Psychoanalysis. The focus of the readings will revolve around questions of social situatedness and intersectionality in clinical work.

We invite you to join us in building this vision.